Ina Kielley Designs and “Oh Sh*t” Kits make it easy for you to give a gift, or buy something soothing for yourself, that you can feel good about!
Our relaxation products and “Oh Sh*t” Kits feature all-natural, eco-friendly items and ingredients, and contain no single-use plastics. Buying them will make you a good person! (Disclaimer: We’re not sure what else you’ve done, so this might not be true.)
If you know someone that’s going through depression, anxiety, or just trying to get through adulting, the Rejuvenation and Relaxation Kits might be a great way to go. And our Eco-Warrior Kit is great for anyone at all. We hope you'll join us in making our human footprint on the earth as small as possible.

Our passions are often ignited through a desire to fight a problem that we see in the world. The creation of these products has been fueled by that passion--a desire to fight suffering through healing, giving, and self care!

To contact Ina Kielley Designs, email us at inakielleydesigns@gmail.com.