“The Earth has music for those who listen.” --George Santayana

I have loved the quiet magic and resilience of the natural world ever since I can remember. My family fled Latvia before I was born to start a new life as refugees. I was born in the US, but being immersed in Latvian-American culture meant that my childhood was filled with Summer Solstice celebrations, walks in the woods, and nature-based Baltic traditions.  And so, as I've begun designing my products, traditional Latvian design elements have naturally flowed onto the paper in front of me!
The products that I make and curate come from ideas born of both pain and healing. As a massage therapist for 16 years, I worked with hundreds of sick and injured clients. I also experienced a long struggle with Lyme disease myself, that left me debilitated, anxious, and in need of some serious TLC. Something I longed for when I was sick, and something I saw clients long for over the years, was a tangible way to hold on to healing. For me, holding something in my hands, smelling something grounding, feeling the heat and weight of a pillow on my body, was profoundly comforting. 

If you are like me, both funny AND beautiful (how do we do it??), then you'll appreciate the humor that goes into my business. (Weirdly, the more wine I drink, the funnier I get. True story.) As humans, we take ourselves and our struggles so seriously most of the time, that we get completely lost in our menial problems. Guys, we are tiny. Like mini, little, eensy parts of a vast universe. Don't worry so much. Just do what you need to do to help yourself survive and thrive for another day. And laugh a little! Just be careful not to pee your pants.

And so, my wish in selling my products and kits is to make it easy for you to give a gift, or buy something soothing for yourself, that you can feel good about! No single-use plastics are used in my products or “Oh Sh*t” Kits, and never will be. All items are reusable, recyclable, or eco-friendly.

I welcome comments, suggestions, and your personal stories or experiences at any time. Feel free to email me at